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ATEX Background Information

ATEX is an EU classification that states that all Two Way Radios in potentially explosive environments must conform to a higher build quality and standard. Therefore when working in an explosive atmosphere is it paramount to use radios which are certified and ATEX approved. Explosive environments can be caused by flammable gases, mists, vapors or by combustible dust. Due care and attention must be taken in all explosive atmospheres, if not, this may lead to an explosion or fire.  Of course, explosions/fires can result in the loss of life, serious injuries or damage to the workplace, therefore, it is vital to ensure all equipment is approved. 

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Industries which require ATEX equipment

Some of the industries which require ATEX approved products would be obvious, however, there are some environments which may not be your first thought. See a list of some of the industries below:

  • ● Mines
  • ● Petrochemical market
  • ● Oil rigs
  • ● Gas installation
  • ● Transformation of metals
  • ● Paint shops
  • ● Waste recycling (Gases/flammable liquids)
  • ● Wood transformation
  • ● Airports
  • ● Engineering
  • ● Chemical installations
  • ● And much more

ATEX Radio Range

Many of the well-known radio manufacturers now have an ATEX range on the market. These radios have been specially designed and tested to ensure they comply with the requirements of the ATEX directives. The radios are clearly named with an ‘EX’ after the model number to signify this to all potential clients. We sell ATEX radios/accessories by many of the known brands (Motorola, Hytera, Peltor, Tait, Icom, Entel, Kenwood and more). All accessories and headsets can be supplied to meet your individual requirements to ensure not only a safe radio set-up but also a unique and efficient tailor-made set-up to meet your specific environment.

ATEX Radio Hire

Understanding the urgent need for ATEX approved radio systems we decided to introduce them to our hire fleet. Learn more

Further requirements?

Please feel free to contact us on 01274 602504 or alternatively email and one of our specialist team members will happily deal with any request.


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