Atex Radio Hire

Atex Radio Hire

Understanding the urgent need for ATEX approved radio systems we decided to introduce them to our hire fleet. Our ATEX hire fleet consists of Motorola, Hytera and Peltor Atex Equipment. All of our equipment has been designed by the manufacturers to clearly stand out to the user. All equipment is bright blue in colour to avoid any confusion with non-ATEX radios when entering an explosive environment. The radios also have a bright orange emergency alert button too.

We provide ATEX radio hire over many different periods of time.

  • ● Short-term hire (Weekend/week hire)
  • ● Medium-term hire (4 weeks – 50 week hire)
  • ● Long term- hire (12, 24 or 36 month hire)

With our flexible ATEX radio hire, we can be sure your requirements are met for the exact period of time you need the radios for. If you have a contract for 25 weeks on an oil rig, we can set-up a hire contract to suit this need.

Our Hire Fleet

We have the Motorola DP4401EX/DP4801EX and the Hytera PD715EX/PD795EX Radios in our hire fleet. See the images below.

Atex Radios Fleet


Atex accessories

Some of the ATEX approved accessories we have available to hire.


Atex Radio Carry Case
Carry Case

Peltor PTT Button
Peltor PTT Button


Atex Speaker Microphone
Speaker Microphone

Peltor Atex Headset
Peltor Headset


Additional Information

The radio hire cost includes the OFCOM license and electrical maintenance of the equipment. We can programme our hire radios to your frequencies. This is to ensure you can add them to your existing fleet and have them work alongside your own radios without any issues.

Further Requirements

You can learn more about ATEX Radios by clicking here.

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  • ● Require advise/information about the set-up which would suit your environment?
  • ● Require the benefits of hiring as opposed to purchasing?
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Please feel free to contact us on 0333 7729771, alternatively email or simply use the form below.
One of our specialist team members will happily deal with any request.