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Two Way Handheld Radios

All our stock is heavily discounted to ensure the cheapest prices for our customers!

Licensed Two Way HandHeld Radios are primarily for businesses and organisations where good range and clarity are critical. Two Way HandHeld Radio applications include large warehouses or sites, security work, large school grounds, sports centres or shopping centres and outdoor events.

Direct Radios stock a large range of Licensed Two Way HandHeld Radio and walkie talkies, mobile radios, base stations, and repeaters. Our stock includes all the leading brands such as Motorola, HYT, Kenwood, Tait, Icom.

We want your business, that’s why we offer discounted prices. If you find any comparable product cheaper on the web, we will try and beat it! Call us now!

Private Business Radios

PBR (Private Business Radios) require a license to allow their use in the UK. Obtaining a Two Way Radio license is straightforward, this is a service we offer all our business customers, ensuring your license covers all your activities. You can also contact Ofcom directly for the licence. You can download the official application form by clicking here and send it to Ofcom with the appropriate fee.

If you're not quite ready for Two Way Licensed Radios, which not check out our Licence Free Radio's product range! 

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  1. Kenwood TK-2302 / TK-3302
    Special Price £139.99 Regular Price £199.00
  2. Tait TP8110
    Special Price £274.99 Regular Price £374.00
  3. Tait TP8115
    Special Price £314.99 Regular Price £446.00
  4. Tait TP8120
    Special Price £334.99 Regular Price £468.00
  5. HYTERA TC-610 Handheld Portable Radio
    Special Price £110.00 Regular Price £179.00
  6. HYT TC-700P
    Special Price £120.00 Regular Price £179.00
  7. HYT TC-620
    Special Price £90.00 Regular Price £119.00
  8. Tait TP8135
    Special Price £405.00 Regular Price £473.00
  9. Tait TP8140
    Special Price £415.00 Regular Price £495.00
  10. Icom IC-F3032S / IC-F4032S
    Special Price £209.00 Regular Price £220.00
  11. Icom IC-F51V / IC-F61V
    Special Price £359.00 Regular Price £370.00
  12. Icom IC-F3162 / IC-F4162
    Special Price £195.00 Regular Price £227.14
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Items 1-15 of 204

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