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Entel DX482 / DX482A

Entel DX482 / DX482A

Entel DX482 / DX482A

The DX400 series DMR Digital portables are the most compact, MIL-STD & IP68, affordable business critical radios available today.

DX400 radios deliver outstanding audio, clarity, quality & volume that really needs to be compared to other DMR radios to be truly appreciated.

The carefully-designed ergonomics, ultra-tactile buttons, superior construction and unrivalled audio levels also makes the DX400 radios perfectly at home in applications where much larger commercial-size radios would have previously been used.

Standard Package

CNB450E 2000mAh Lithium-Ion battery pack
CSAHX Single pod Rapid mains charger
Spring loaded rear clip
High efficiency antenna
Quick start user guide

From: £151.20 incl. VAT

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Hytera PD705LT Digital Two Way Radio

Hytera PD705LT Digital Two Way Radio

Hytera PD705LT is a rugged, reliable and easy to use two-way radio perfect for tough environments such as construction sites and outdoor events & festivals.


Bundles are also available further down this page for the Hytera PD705LT


From: £198.00 incl. VAT

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Motorola DP4600e

Motorola DP4600e

Motorola DP4600e

The Motorola DP4600e is a portable, limited keypad (LKP) two-way digital radio. It is part of the Motorola DP4000e series.
The Motorola DP4000e series is the ideal solution for skilled professionals. The Motorola DP4600e has high performance integrated voice and data, and advanced features for efficient operation with a focus on safety and productivity.

Package Contains: Portable Radio, Carry holder, NIMH battery, Helical Antenna, Plug-in charger, 2 year standard warranty, User Guide

From: £295.20 incl. VAT

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Sympoc SY580

Sympoc SY580

Sympoc SY580

The Sympoc SY580 two way radio is a compact size twoway radio, with PoC (Push to Talk over Cellular) technology.

The SY580 enables one-handed operation, supports GSM, 3G, 4G/LTE, Bluetooth & WiFi, multiple location service supporting GPS, BDS & GLONASS 2.4” outdoor-readable touch screen, PTT button, M5 expansion interface, removable high-capacity battery, 2W speaker, IP67 rating.

Package contains:Handset, Battery (3600 mAh), Earphone, Adaptor, USB cable

From: £348.00 incl. VAT

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