3M PELTOR ProTac Hunter Headset, Green, 26db, Headband, MT13H222A

The MT13H222A Hunter headset is designed for sport shooting and hunting. It favours communication and increases the ability to hear approaching game animals whilst protecting against damaging impact noise.



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3M PELTOR ProTac Hunter Headset Green – Headband MT13H222A

Both the 3M PELTOR ProTac Hunter ™ and the ProTac™ Shooter Headsets come
loaded with smart new technology. The purpose is simple: You should be able to
focus your attention on your hunting and shooting. We put you in instant, intuitive
communication with your surroundings, your hunting team or range officer. The
ProTac™ Shooter and ProTac™ Hunter Headsets meets stringent requirements to help
ensure your hearing can be protected when – or if – a weapon is fired.

Hearing protection and situational awareness

Technology is on your side in every situation. Sudden loud or sharp noises, whether from your own gun or one nearby, are attenuated instantly, helping protect your hearing from potentially harmful noise levels. The technology attenuates harmful noises, but you can converse normally and are aware of what’s happening around you. The ambient sound level can be adjusted in five incremental steps to help ensure that baying dogs, warning calls and other warning sounds are clearly audible. Hunters will appreciate how the 3M™ PELTOR™ ProTac™ Hunter Headset amplifies environmental sounds. The 3M™ PELTOR™ ProTac™ Shooter Headset has the same qualities as the ProTac™ Hunter Headset, but a somewhat stronger attenuation capacity, more suited to the intensive noise levels on a shooting range. You can connect a hunting two-way radio or cell phone to the 3.5 mm jack on the headset and receive phone signals and calls right to your ears. You can expect intuitive adaptation to every hunting or shooting situation, thanks to smart technology and easy controls. Your ProTac™ Hunter and ProTac™ Shooter Headsets have a rugged design with dual shells. In the long term, good technology and secure functions help ensure that your headset will weather rough days in the field – in cold and heat, rain and sleet.

Other features:

  • To reduce the corrosion caused by sweat the electronics are located in the outer part of the cup
  • Available in both in headband and helmet attached versions (black).
  • Available in two different cup sizes: one with higher attenuation and one slim version with lower attenuation.

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