VoCoVo Team Communication Handset

VoCoVo Team Communication Handset

Are you looking to be more efficient, save money, serve your customers better or keep your staff connected? VoCoVo is the answer.


VoCoVo Handsets helps keep your staff connected with other staff and customers.


VoCoVo Handsets can receive phone calls and messages. The Handsets can also work with other VoCoVo products, which lets staff communicate more efficiently and the headsets can integrate with telephony, so staff can take calls from outside of the office.


The VoCoVo Handsets allows team members to stay connected with the newest conferencing technology, changing business with voice.

  • Rugged – reduce the cost of replacing parts and invest for the long-term
  • Highly scalable – add new devices when it suits you
  • One device, three ways to talk – receive real-time messages, take phone calls and join conferences

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