TAIT T800 Base Station/Repeater

TAIT T800 Base Station/Repeater

TAIT T800 Base Station/Repeater Overview The rugged and reliable T800 Series have been the stalwart of the Tait base station/repeater range since the 1980s. T800s are in use in over 80 countries, and have been installed in sites from Antarctica to the Gobi Desert. The T800 series is now only available in the 66-88MHz frequency band. For the most part, the T800 has been replaced by the high performing, highly flexible TB8100 Base Station/Repeater. As another alternative, please check out the TB7100 Base Station/Repeater. While it is only available in the 66-88MHz frequency range, the T800 base station/repeater series has proven reliability and superior RF performance at an economical price for conventional and MPT systems.

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TAIT T800 Base Station/Repeater

key Features:

  • The T800 Series II base stations are built from high performance modules offering superior RF performance and rugged construction
  • Available in the 66-88 MHz frequency band
  • A versatile modular base station that can be configured to suit your business needs
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